Our world desperately needs a movement dedicated to real International Peace and Understanding. 

That is what this new proposed organization -- InternationalPeace.Org -- will promote among people from all countries and all religions in a "Transnational" and  "Post-National" way.  

For we are not only in the age of economic Globalisation.   We are also at a critical time in human history of
political, social, and existential Transnationalism.  

We must get away from arming with dangerous and expensive weapons of mass destruction and threatening military force and 'solutions'. 

We must prevent space from becoming another frontier for national competition and weapons proliferation.

We must get on with the new world of promoting universal human values and joining together to use human resources around the globe to fight a decent living standards for all human beings on planet earth and a safe environment for future generations.

For further information email to IP@InternationalPeace.Org

My status
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All of the above websites have already been obtained for the purpose of creating INTERNATIONALPEACE.ORG